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What is AVTweets?

AVTweetsTM is a free weather reporting service provided by AirportView.netTM. With AVTweets you can automatically receive current aviation weather reports in METAR format via Twitter. Get METARs delivered to your computer, your phone, your iPad - any device that has a Twitter app. Select as many sites as you want - turn them on and off any time you want.

Sample tweet for Oshkosh AWOS, @KOSHawos

Sample tweet for Oshkosh AWOS, @KOSHawos

Using AVTweets

Create a Twitter account if you don't already have one. To follow a station, log on to Twitter. The station account is the ICAO identifier plus 'awos'. For example, KFNLawos. Then, just add the station account to twitter.com, like this:  twitter.com/KFNLawos. Click the follow button to begin receiving AVTweets METARs whenever they are updated. To stop following, log on to your Twitter account and unfollow.

To follow an AWOS feed on Twitter, just look for the Twitter icon (Twitter icon) on the AirportView.net briefing pages and in the AWOS directory. Click on any icon to go to the Twitter page for that station. Then you can follow the station. For example, go to the Oshkosh airport briefing page at http://www.airportview.net/briefing.php?lid=OSH and click on the Twitter icon to follow the Oshkosh AWOS feed via twitter.

From your mobile phone, text 'follow ICAOawos' to 40404 in the United States. Replace ICAO with the AWOS identifier of your choice. For example, to follow the Oshkosh AWOS, text 'follow KOSHawos' to 40404.


AVTweets provides weather in METAR format because Twitter limits messages to 140 characters. Need more information? Follow the link in the AVTweets message to the AirportView.net briefing page, where you will find the decoded METAR, TAFs, airport directory data and more. This page also has a map of our progress in adding more nations to AVTweets.

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