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View from an FNL camera, Loveland, CO

Longs Peak in Loveland, CO

Our camera system provides continuous weather images at your facility. With four, high-resolution, color, digital cameras, the skies are under watch all day long. Using our networking and internet expertise, we deliver time-lapse movies from each camera, updated every minute. Locally, you can access the cameras for real-time, streaming video.

The cameras take high-quality, images measuring 1280 by 960 pixels. For weather observation, we use a wide-angle lens that maximizes sky coverage with minimal distortion. For particularly photogenic views, a telephoto lens provides a nice close-up view.

The system has been professionally designed for installation in outdoor locations with the harshest weather conditions. When mounted in stable, secure locations, the images delivered are of far higher quality than the typical DOT traffic cam.

Radio towers are ideal mounting platforms, and we have the skills and equipment to complete these installations efficiently and safely. We work with you to select the best views that fit the local weather patterns and points of interest. The technology allows us to point the cameras while you watch the live images and suggest corrections to the camera orientation.

We pre-configure the system to your network environment so that the components will operate as soon as they are installed and turned on. The cameras will begin capturing images and sending them to our server immediately. The processed images will then be available for use on your web site as well.

Installing cameras on a Rohn radio tower at PSO in Pagosa Springs, CO

Wx camera installation at PSO


You have the option to install the system yourself or we can do it. The cameras must have a stable platform for mounting. Flimsy structures and weak attachments will result in camera shake under windy conditions. This produces a jumpy time-lapse image. The best platform is a Rohn radio tower. We have other solutions and can accommodate almost any location.

The camera mounts require a round mast for attachment. This allows pointing the camera in the desired compass direction. The camera can roll left or right and pitch up or down. The result is complete flexibility to point the camera in virtually any direction.

Typically, 4 cables run from the cameras into the building, and to the IT closet. Inside are the network router, power supply and backup power. An optional enclosure is available to contain all the inside equipment. Standard 110 VAC power is required. The incoming internet service connection must be attached directly to the router. As an option, an additional network switch can be provided to split the service among multiple routers.

System Package

All the essential components of the system are provided, as shown in Table 3 below. Additional items not included are: miscellaneous hardware for mounting the exterior and interior enclosures, exterior grade Cat5e network cable, premises network cable, building penetration hardware, cable ties, network connectors, etc. Note that this is a typical list and may not be appropriate for your site.

Cameras 4 each with appropriate mounting brackets
Network Switch 5-port POE switch with -30 to +60 degrees C temperature rating
Network Router LinkSys WRT54G (typical)
Enclosure Optional safety enclosure for power supply and router, located in IT closet

Typical IT closet installation

Typical IT closet installation


The hardware-only package is $6000, delivered. This includes all the items listed in Table 3. Installation is separate or provided by you.

The installation package is $7900 and provides complete, on-site, custom installation. It includes all additional cabling, hardware and supplies.

Give us a call or drop us a line. We are happy to talk with you about weather camera systems. Please contact Jerry Stooksbury by phone at 970.203.0505. You may also use our contact form.

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